Branding Photoshoot with The Ballet Physio

22 May 2023

High quality technical training, Maximum fun.

This is what Luke Abnett of The Ballet Physio’s brand is all about. So when he asked me to do a branding photoshoot we prioritised capturing highly animated images full of expertise yet fun engagement. I don’t remember laughing so much in any photoshoot as his!

Luke runs The Ballet Physio and helps young dancers accelerate their training without injury. I’ve photographed a lot of ballet and other dance over the years and am fascinated by what the body can achieve. It’s been a huge insight, learning more about how very specific ballet physio training can enable dancers to achieve their potential so much more and without the anguish and frustration of injury. For instance, many dancers want to improve their turnout but don’t know how to do this using natural strength and control, thereby opening themselves up to injury. Luke will look at your turnout and any muscle weakness or tightness and create a plan of exercises which will help you go from strength to strength. He’s just done a series of instagram posts on turnout, flexibility, balance and posture – follow him and have a read. They’re really interesting even if you’re not a dancer 😊

For Luke’s branding photoshoot we used multiple props including sunglasses(!) to show the kind of thing that his classes get up to, whilst revealing quite how much fun his students have. The focus of learning in his sessions is massive but never boring. I love these types of photoshoots as I get to learn a great deal about other businesses and what sets them apart. The resulting bank of images is perfect for a stream of social media posts and takes away half the headache of Luke’s marketing – perfect!

Branding Photoshoot with Leela Bassi

16 March 2023

It was such a pleasure to meet Leela Bassi, founder of Arctic Survivor and founder of Above and Beyond Resilience. I did a personal branding photoshoot for her, as part as doing some photos for International Women’s Day. She embodies everything that IWD stands for – being utterly committed to breaking some of the inequality in the world. She is a highly experienced global speaker on Resilience, Growth Mindset, and Unconscious Bias, offering this in English, French and Italian, in person and remotely. I felt really privileged to have a few hours of her wisdom and insight on how she helps motivate others and realise that there are no limits to what you can achieve, big or small.

When she leaves the room she wants her audience to have gained the tools to smash their goals and believe that they can achieve what they thought they might never be able to. “Dig deep and Dig beyond” describes her brand perfectly! 

We spent a whole morning together at the lovely Allbright Mayfair, then outside locations in town before getting the Elizabeth Line to my studio in Ealing where we did some great action shots of her giving talks and running training courses. Working with clients like Leela reminds me how much I love my job!